You arrived at this page because you were looking for an economical and efficient logistics solution for your business. We are happy to announce that you have come to the right place:

Whether you deliver via Glovo or Tazz, you have a restaurant with delivery in your city, you have parcels for local/urban delivery, you frequently supply the restaurant, guesthouse or hotel you own or manage, we have the perfect E-Mobility-Rentals vehicle for the particularities of your business:

If you deliver food, you already know that you have to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible, without much rest time during the day. Our Urban Ride and Urban Sprint models help you do exactly this:

  • You have a range of up to 210 km,
  • Park for free in most cities in Romania,
  • You can easily find a parking space, much closer to the drop-off location than with a conventional vehicle

In addition, if you are the type that delivers on two wheels, we have specially designed variants for you. From Motorcycles and Electric Scooters, Mopeds or Electric Scooters, you will surely find the most suitable option for you.

This means you can deliver “Lightning”. Now let’s talk about “efficient”. When it comes to money, you know very well that in any business it is important to spend as little as possible, without affecting the income negatively. Our vehicles are equipped with 3 new generation DETACHABLE batteries, based on LI-ION. Together, it facilitates up to 210 km with a full charge, enough for a day of activity.

  • If your activity takes place in Bucharest, we offer you the opportunity to charge your vehicle’s batteries from 0 to 100%, through a simple visit to one of the 10 Swap Stations strategically located, in areas with easy access. You do the battery change as you would say with E-Mobility-Rentals, it takes less than a minute. If you can’t believe it, see HERE and HERE with your own eyes. The coolest thing is that, besides the fact that you solve a full charge in less than a minute, you do this COMPLETELY FREE (*limited offer for rental contracts longer than 30 days, created until July 30, 2023. Additional battery changes are charged with 2.5eur+VAT / battery). Whatever vehicle you rent, you have 3 daily exchanges, which are free, included in the rental cost..
  • If your activity takes place in the province, you should know that we are in the process of developing the above logistics, in order to offer you the full advantages of using our service to make your business more efficient in as many cities in Romania as possible. But until then, you can charge the vehicle at a low cost (10 lei / 100km) at any 220V outlet.

These batteries are compatible with most of the vehicles we rent.

If we have aroused your interest, give up the inefficient ways of urban logistics, generating high costs that block or make your business difficult. In addition to making fuel costs more efficient, you should know that our vehicles benefit from RCA + CASCO and Maintenance at no additional cost to you. How much do you pay annually for these services? With us, they come completely free. Also, in case of an incident, we can offer you a replacement car, so to speak, “E-Mobility” so that your business does not stop, not even temporarily.

Join the more than 30 clients and partners who have chosen to optimize their business with our help. In addition to the benefits that will surely be felt immediately, you actively help to reduce CO2 emissions and decongest urban traffic. It doesn’t seem like a significant contribution, but power is in numbers and every vehicle in motion counts, and if you want, you can promote this to increase customer confidence in the business you manage.

So stop thinking and contact us. We gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have, from Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.:
Phone: 0752 450 499
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