Electric City Vehicle, Quadricycle type, E-Mobility Urban Cargo B1 Electric Cars

The 100% Electric Vehicle: Park Free, Park Easy

Rent this vehicle and help reduce pollution and urban congestion. Waste less time in traffic and save money on the really important things.

Plug and Play (removable) batteries: Change time under 1 minute

Don't waste time on power. With rental you get 2 batteries with a range of 140+ km in addition to the internal battery range of 70km. You can easily charge them at 220V a.i. to have enough range for daily trips around town.

10 Battery Change Stations in Bucharest: Charging cost 0 RON!

You rent, we pay the fuel! You have 10 Swap Stations in Bucharest, where you can replace your flat batteries with 100% charged ones, for FREE. Park, Scan, Swap, Go. It takes a minute!


The vehicle is classified as an ELECTRIC CAR and can be driven starting from the age of 16, with an AM or B1 license on the territory of Romania.

Starting from 2,000 RON + VAT / month
E-Mobility-Rentals services are available exclusively for Legal Entities
1 month
2,600 RON + VAT / month
3 months
2,320 RON + VAT / month
6 months
2,200 RON + VAT / month
12 months
2,000 RON + VAT / month
For this vehicle, a guarantee of 1000 RON will be charged, which will be returned at the end of the contractual period, in accordance with the contract and the legislation in force.

The E-Mobility Urban Cargo B1 electric city vehicle is the efficient and fast solution to transport a variety of products and materials, from A to B, through congested urban areas in an environmentally friendly and economical way:

BATTERY CHANGE TIME: less than 1 minute

The E-Mobility Urban Cargo B1 electric vehicle comes equipped with a fixed internal battery and two removable batteries that can be changed in 30-40 seconds and can be charged at the 220V outlet in about 6-8h (PS: In Bucharest, we can charge them for you for FREE, read on). The battery pack gives you a range of up to 210 km, so you can be sure of a full day of uninterrupted autonomy.

The 1215mm width allows it to squeeze through the tightest spots and roads, and the small overall dimensions ensure you have a parking spot almost anywhere. Plus, you get free parking in any public car park as it's an electric vehicle.

Visibility is very important in crowded cities. That's why we have equipped the E-Mobility Urban Cargo B1 with a Digital Display and Rear Camera. You get a clear view every time you park or reverse, stress-free and safe.

Main technical parameters:
• Car body dimensions: 2670x1215x1660.
• Cockpit dimensions: 1200*1160*990.
• Distance between the two axles (mm): 2300.
• Distance between wheels (front/rear) (mm): 1100/1090.
• Minimum ground clearance (mm): 150.
• Weight (kg): 620 with battery; 556 without battery.
• Load capacity (kg): 300.
• Front suspension: McPherson independent suspension.
• Integral rear suspension.
• Disc brake
• Rim type: Aluminium alloy.
• Electricity consumption per 100 km, maximum load: 4 KWh.
• Number of seats (including driver): 2.
• Motor type DC.
• Nominal motor power (kw): 4.
• Rated motor voltage (v): 60.
• Lead-acid battery.
• Battery capacity: 60v 120ah.
• Charging voltage (V): 110-220 (electric car charger).
• Automatic gearbox.
• Front wheel drive.
• Parking brake: Handbrake.
• Tyre size: 145 / 70R12.
• Maximum speed (km/h): 40.
• Climbing capacity: 20.
• Range (km) 20km/h: 120.

General features and characteristics:
• Windscreen wiper
• Heated folding electric rear-view mirror
• Adjustable headlights.
• DRL (daytime running lights)
• Car antenna
• Spare lamp
• Rear fog lamp
• Seat belt
• Lighter
• Windscreen defogger
• Alarm
• High fidelity speaker
• Anti-slip mat
• MP5
• Heater
• Air conditioning
• Sunshade
• Power steering
• Reading lamp

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