Moped Electric Sur-Ron Light bee L1e Road legal, Power 6000W, Max Speed 70kmh, Range 100km Electric Motorcycles
Starting from 1,680 RON + VAT / month
E-Mobility-Rentals services are available exclusively for Legal Entities
1 month
2,320 RON + VAT / month
3 months
2,080 RON + VAT / month
6 months
1,920 RON + VAT / month
12 months
1,680 RON + VAT / month
For this vehicle, a guarantee of 1000 RON will be charged, which will be returned at the end of the contractual period, in accordance with the contract and the legislation in force.

• Weight: 50kg
• Autonomy: 100km
• Maximum speed: 70km/h
• Battery: 60V Panasonic
• Controller X Version Sine Wave
• Engine power: 6kW
• Fast charging 2.5-3.5h (10A)
• USB port for charging 2.1A (for phone or other devices)
• Mid drive motor (reduced overheating issues associated with rear hub drive)
• DNM Race fork with adjustable hydraulic compression, shock resistant
• 2 power modes: Eco and Full Power (all with one button)
• Digital LCD Speedo display with Trip and Maximum Speed ​​functions
• Front-rear LED lighting
• Hydraulic disc brakes in 4 front-rear pistons



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